Apr 2016

I want to know your business!

This week I am working on an identity for a Sports Massage Therapist. It seems I have developed a liking or should I say they have developed a liking for me, as this is now my 4th sports massage therapy client in the last couple of years.

Fit 4 Function logo Laura Sutton logo

So am I running out of ideas? Far from it because every single one is different. With all my clients, I start off by asking them a series of questions about their business. I ask them about their competitors and how they are different to them, what is their target audience, do they have any colour preferences, do they have any colours they don’t want to use, What adjectives should best describe their logo and business, I want to know about their services, the benefits, what their long term goals are. I generally want to know everything about their business! I am nosey! If they are local to me, I will meet up in person with them. Its very useful to get to know my clients and their personality.

Each sports massage client wanted something different in their logo. Colours, messaging, their target audience, their brand personality was different just as our personalities are all different.

Melissa Mills Sports Massage Logo

So now I am embarking on my 4th one and the ideas are already flowing. It helps to have the answers from my questionnaire to start the process. I then sketch ideas, look at competitors and different symbols and graphic devices that will fit with my ideas. I always say that I have to get into my clients heads!

This is why I roll my eyes when I hear of so many people choosing ready made templates or automatic logo generators. Yes they are cheap, but are they right for your business? I could ‘knock out’ 20-30 different sports massage logos but they would hardly have any thought in them with regards to an individual business. They are tailored designs for that individual. I sit and think, I sit and research, I sit and sketch, I sit and create. I do ALOT of sitting!!

Which is why I regularly have sports massage treatments because when I do move… my muscles seize up!! 😉



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