Melissa Mills Sports Massage

The Brief

Melissa Mills contacted me to discuss her new start-up sports massage business. She had just finished her qualifications and wanted a professional logo and website created for the new business.

Melissa was unsure about what she was after for the design, so we met and discussed ideas, looked at what other similar businesses were using and also discussed colours. Everyone can potentially benefit from sports massage not just athletes and so it was important the brand appealed to a wide audience and not look too sporty.

Melissa Mills logo design

The Solution

I developed three concepts for Melissa. The chosen logo has an ‘M’ initial which represents two people stretching or exercising. It features the colour scheme that we had discussed in advance and it appeals to both men and women. Melissa’s website features the logo and brand colours but in a subtle way. The imagery of the woman with her arms outstetched on the home page is a direct link to the logo. I have retouched the imagery throughout to use the purple colour that is associated with the brand.

I also designed appointment cards for the business, leaflets, gift vouchers and a banner for Melissa to use at events where she offers her services. The business continues to grow and Melissa is now working with the University of Essex and TASS (Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme) as part of the medical team supporting their most promising athletes.

Melissa Mills website
Melissa Mills Business cards

What They Say

Being a bit clueless about these things myself, I enlisted the services of Northsouth Design to create me a logo and website for my new business. Best business decision I have made so far! Lesley is absolutely first class at what she does. There is no pushy sales or PC jargon to worry about. Lesley is upfront and speaks in a language that us non technical people can easily understand. She is very creative and has a special ability to take something from nothing and turn it into something exciting. Her customer service is excellent and she dealt with all my queries and silly questions with patience and professionalism. Lesley has not only created me a website, she has created a brand, an identity for my fledgling business which has given me further confidence to go on and be successful and for that I’m extremely grateful

Melissa Mills, Melissa Mills Sports Massage

Melissa Mills flyers
Melissa Mills website
Melissa Mills Business cards