On the Go Cafe

The Brief

On the Go is a cafe near Benfleet train station in Essex. The new owner changed the name and wanted a new identity and signage. The brief was for me to use a steam train and a track.

On the Go Cafe logo design

The Solution

I did some research into illustrations and icons that could represent the steam train. I needed a simple clean design for it to be used on the signage that the cafe needed on the window. After sketching, I hit upon the idea of merging the train illustration with a coffee cup and this became the funnel of the train.
It was perfect to use for window graphics and sign boards and could be used on its own as well as with the text.

Window graphic design and production
On the go Branding

What They Say

Lesley designed my logo for my cafe in record time as I didn’t give her a lot of notice. The results were amazing I couldn’t have been more pleased. I would highly recommend Lesley’s work in design.


Lindsay Row, Owner of On the Go Cafe

On the Go sticker design
Menu design
On the go menu board