Penny Poppins Chimney Sweep

The Brief

Penny contacted me regarding her new business start up idea Penny Poppins Chimney Sweep. After working in the banking industry for years this was a totally different career for Penny. As one of only a handful of female chimney sweeps across the country, I was excited to hear all about this new business.

The brief was to create a look and feel that portrayed what she did in a professional manner but with a hint of fun. Although there is an obvious connection to Mary Poppins, Penny didn’t want to include any Mary Poppins figures or umbrellas or make the logo too feminine. It had to appeal to a wide audience and work across all mediums including clothing and van graphics.

Penny Poppins logo design

The Solution

A modern colourful logo, that is professional yet with a hint of fun. A subtle nod to Mary Poppins with the staggered letters, the introduction of the brush coming out from the top of the ‘I’ can be interpreted as a chimney. As well as the logo, the brand identity included a simple rooftop graphic and this has been used throughout promotional collateral including business cards, flyers, website and van graphics.

The vehicle livery in particular has been a great success, there are little touches like the brush on the back doors just touching the vehicle’s name badge which really make it stand out from its compeititors. Penny Poppins has enjoyed some great media coverage with several local and national newspapers picking up on the story.

Penny Poppins vehicle designs
Penny Poppins business cards

What They Say

Absolutely amazing!! I couldn’t have started my business without them! Went with an idea and they have created a fantastic logo, website, business cards, flyers and van graphics!!

Love this company!

Penny Robins, Penny Poppins Chimney Sweep

Penny Poppins vehicle graphics
Penny Poppins business cards
Penny Poppins postcard designs