Christmas card designs 2017
Dec 2017

Christmas card designs 2017

Every year I develop a number of bespoke Christmas card designs for my clients. This year I had quite a few to get through.
When designing the cards I think its important to come up with something that is individual to that business. Whether its related to their name, logo or the service or product they provide. It makes it stand out and be remembered.

In this day and age everything is digital and I have had tons of e-card emails ping through my inbox over the last week or so. Have I bothered looking at them? Not really. They will just get forgotten about and deleted (or just left unread in my inbox for months!) A card in the post, maybe with a personalised message, thanking that client or supplier will be well received and it puts your business in the forefront of their minds. Make that card bespoke and a little different to all the others they receive and you are onto a winner.

Amour Hairdressing

This year’s showcase starts with Amour Hairdressing. Based in Hornchurch in Essex, the lovely Sarah (who is my fabulous hairdresser!) asked me to create a Christmas card design that she could send out to clients. I wanted to get a party message across. I came up with the line: ‘Let your hair down this Christmas’ and developed the card keeping their brand in mind.

Amour Hairdressing christmas card design

KFH Accounting Ltd

I have designed Christmas cards for the last couple of years for KFH Accounting. The last few years have followed a fun illustration style to show the lighter hearted side to Accounting (but with a serious message) I met with Kylie and she explained they wanted a card that showed Santa showing how easy it is to record receipts when using cloud accounting software. The finished Christmas card design features one of poor old Santa’s helpers drowning in receipts he needs to record.

KFH christmas card design

Janice Gooch Heritage Consultancy

I developed a new identity for Janice Gooch Heritage Consultancy earlier this year. It only seemed right that the new logo would feature on the card. Now I’d be the first one to say you shouldn’t mess with a logo once its been created (and I have been known to tell clients off!) You’d never catch me adding snow on to the lettering of a logo for instance at Christmas! BUT sometimes rules are meant to be broken and this logo created the perfect opportunity to create a tasteful snowy window scene. Its a classic example of how you can really personalise a Christmas card and is instantly recognisable as the company.

Janice Gooch Christmas card design

Penny Poppins Chimney Sweep

This is the third year of cards for the lovely Penny Poppins. Its a favourite of mine. The subject matter is ideal for a Christmas card design and in the past the cards have been along the lines of Santa being stuck up the chimney (and Penny Poppins helping him) and a grumpy Santa covered in soot because the chimney was not cleaned.
It was a late night in front of the sketch book when I came up with the idea of Penny being one of Santa’s helpers (Elf & Safety). After a little research on the internet I got the names of his elves and descriptions and quickly sent the idea on an email to Penny that night. She loved it and it worked perfectly with her design style.

Penny Poppins Christmas card design

Bright Stars Education

Again, this is the third card I have done for this private tuition company. Its mainly been featured around their name in the past with the stars featuring heavily. This year I thought there maybe some sort of math or English question about Christmas that I could feature. The 12 days of Christmas kept popping into my head and I found a math question around this. The question is inside and the answer and breakdown is on the back of the card. I was really pleased with the final design for this card. It would definitely stand out from the crowd and is very unique.

Brisght Stars Christmas Card design

Northsouth Design

Finally I needed to crack my own card. The hardest card to do. With my continued love of my brand colour, green had to feature! The green pencils in my office sparked off the idea to create a Christmas tree out of pencils. After all…’Great ideas have to start somewhere!’

Northsouth Design Christmas Card design

If you are interested in how a bespoke greeting card can help your business then get in touch for a chat.


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