Bright Stars Education web relaunch
Dec 2016

Bright Stars Education web relaunch

Bright Stars Education website design
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Website design for Bright Stars Education

Northsouth Design recently launched the brand new website design for local private tuition company Bright Stars Education, based in Essex and we are rather pleased with the end result!

In the beginning…

I met Victoria and Rachel early 2014, after a recommendation from a mutual friend. They were just starting out in business and were after some design materials and a website. Bright stars already had an illustration of a schoolchild that had been drawn for them and so I took this illustration and developed the logo. Business cards, leaflets, adverts and finally the website were put together. The website was done on a small budget on a non CMS platform. It had served them well but as trends change and technology moved on it was becoming obvious that they would eventually need a larger website with more functionality as well as being mobile responsive.

Over the past couple of years the business has grown rapidly. They now have 2 classrooms and a tuition team of 6 qualified tutors. I have followed their progress closely as they are both regular members of the networking group I co-run in Rayleigh, Networking 4 Essex Women. A couple of months ago they approached me with the exciting prospect of updating the website. Something I can now admit too wanting to get my hands on for a while! As a business we had made the shift to WordPress website development and I could see the potential this had for a number of my clients.

In October, we got together to discuss what they wanted and we looked at various websites for similar businesses. This website had to reflect the Bright Stars branding, keeping with their strong colours and look and feel. We joke about it now but my brief was basically “we don’t want it to look boring like all the other tuition sites and we don’t want any fake people! Oh and can we keep our stars!”

No Fake people allowed!

Bright Stars Website design EssexBy fake, they meant stock photography. So many sites use typical american imagery of children in high school and it just doesn’t feel ‘real’. Bright Stars only wanted to use their own imagery and they hired a photographer to take some brilliant shots. I have to admit this was their best decision – apart from hiring me to design it!! 😉 The images really tell a story and are welcoming and friendly.

Over the last few weeks we have worked on the website design and build. At first, we mapped out the first couple of pages in WordPress. I then designed some of the other pages in Indesign and Photoshop just so I could show them what I wanted it to look like.  It is important, that alot of information is broken down into bite size chunks and panels. So using their colours I developed panels to hold different information. I then wanted call to action button on these that link straight to email. Each one sends an email with the appropriate title so they will know instantly what club or workshop the email is about .

Bright Stars Website design Essex

We discussed how each page would work and how the user would navigate through the site. Its very important, I think, to communicate with the client at this early stage and to iron out any issues. Thankfully they loved the design and so it was full steam ahead with building all the pages and links in.

The finished website design.

The website includes a blog / news page which Bright Stars will be updating on a regular basis (I hope!). It also has a calendar that they can add their holiday clubs to, so parents can easily see when the clubs are running and what times. The end result is a bright, colourful website which reflects their ethos and personalities.

Check out the full website here. If you are looking for a re-design or have a brand new project you would like to discuss then please get in touch.


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