Mar 2016

Fancy a chat?

I like to pride myself on the service I provide to my customers.  One thing I have realised lately is how important it is to be personal in your service – to try and connect with the customer from the beginning.
More and more I get enquiries through my Facebook page which is great. I get messages like: ‘How much do you charge for a logo and business card?’ or ‘How much is it for a website?’ In my opinion, these questions alone cannot be answered in a quick Facebook message or email – I want to talk to you!

Scary? well no its not or it shouldn’t be!
I would much rather explain my services to someone on the phone and chat to them more about what they want than second guess in a message.
I recently had this with a client I won because I ‘allowed’ her to speak to me in person. She had posted on a popular Facebook group for help with a logo and business card designs.
I was one of a bunch of designers who had been recommended by clients and friends who know my business, that alone is just such a
lovely feeling so thank you to all those who regularly recommend my service – you know who you are!

The lady messaged me:

‘Good morning, I wondered if you could help me, I’ve set up my own business and I need some flyers and business cards done’
and this was my reply:

‘Many thanks for getting in touch xxxxxxx. This is definitely something I can help you with. I deal with the whole project from design concepts, artwork and can get a variety of competitive prices for business cards and flyer print as well for you. I have been a designer for over 20 years and work with a lot of new start ups like yourself. Happy to chat further about what you need and then I can get some prices over to you. No obligation. Are you free to chat on the phone between 9.30 and 10 am today? My number is 07979 961030’

Now I didn’t know at the time but it turns out that it was that last part about chatting further on the phone to a real person that won me the job. We spoke for about 10 minutes on the phone and  I explained my service, listing the value I deliver and she said it was so good to actually talk to someone about it. She had contacted  a number of the designers that were recommended and I was the only one who had offered to speak to her. Incredible really, it really surprised me. We have become so detached. Interacting with each other with emails and instant messaging only but what did companies do before the internet? They spoke to customers on the phone. I try to do this with all new leads, some are happy to chat though you do get that odd few who prefer not too – maybe they think they will be pushed into a sale which is a shame as most designers I know are not like that – we’re a friendly bunch so go on give us a call, as Bob used to say – its good to talk!


Rachel Elvin

Hello Lesley
I heard about your services from a lady I did my sports massage course with called Melissa Mills and I am wanting to set up something similar to promote my sports massage and beauty business from home.
Please let me know if you are free to discuss with me and your fees in the next two days.
Kind Regds Rachel Elvin ( Cartwheel Beauty)

    Lesley Moss

    Hi Rachel.
    Thank you for commenting. Will send you an email shortly. Many Thanks Lesley

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